Gallery in the courtyard and online
19.06.21 8 pm
Gallery in the courtyard and online

Book Launch & Lecture

Geist – The Materiality of the Invisible

8 pm: Book Launch: Korpys/Löffler/Schmal: Geist
9 pm: Online Lecture by Cecilia Novero: To Look at Art with a Dog’s Nose. Learning to distill the materiality of (invisible) Ghosts….

Korpys/Löffler/Schmal present their newly published artist book Geist, which is dedicated to their distillation actions they have carried out at various locations since 2002. For example, as part of their exhibition Geist at the Künstlerhaus Bremen. Here, they have distilled not only parts of the gallery wall, but also the exhalations of the guests at the opening.
Based on Korpys/Löffler/Schmal’s distillation actions, Cecilia Novero’s lecture focuses on artistic experiments in the context of the (neo)avant-garde. Using diverse examples, Novero outlines the use of smell and how they convey materiality and exacerbate its absence or invisibility. She addresses processes such as distillation, evaporation, and the sense of smell of dogs.

Below you can watch the recording of the hybrid lecture by Cecilia Novero “To Look at Art with a Dog’s Nose. Learning to Distill the Materiality of (Invisible) Ghosts…”, which took place on June 19 in the courtyard of the Künstlerhaus.

  • The lecture will be held in English and will be streamed live on site. You can also join in via Zoom, free access without registration. Login at: ↗
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    Code: 787673

  • The events will take place as part of the joint project Smell it! The Fragrance of Art, which will be presented around the theme of smell in contemporary art from May 2021 in Bremen. At the core of the project are ten individual exhibitions, a s lecture series, and a joint mediation program from May 2021 to July 2021. Further information can be found here. ↗