Guest Residency

Since 2008, the guest residency of Künstler:innenhaus Bremen is a special stipend that has been annually awarded to an international artist by the artists working at the Künstler:innenhaus Bremen. It is supported by the association. In 2024, the residency will be supported for the first time by a grant from Sparkasse Bremen. Every artist member of the association of the Künstler:innenhaus Bremen can choose to propose an artist for this stipend. On the basis of these proposals, the members select a guest resident for the following year at the general meeting in autumn.

Usually the stipend includes a 4-week residence in the guest studio of the Künstler:innenhaus Bremen, a working grant, a travel allowance as well as a smaller presentation that may take place within the framework of the Open Studios.


There is no direct application for the guest residency.


Guest Residency

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