Veranstaltungen in the courtyard
26.08.21 7 pm
Veranstaltungen in the courtyard

Ernesto Salazar-Jiménez reads from his works

As part of the 2nd Bremen KulturSommer Summarum, the Venezuelan author Ernesto Salazar-Jiménez reads a selection of his stories.
These speak of longing, of the desires of beings who find themselves in front of a mirror in a savannah of loneliness - of their childhood memories, of their view of the lives of others, of the stories of animals, of the animals who are also on this path, and of the view of this own collection of life stories. Among others, texts from the art catalog Grenzen (Blaumeier 2018), the anthologies So nimmt man das Leben mit (Sujet Verlag 2019) and Das grüne Ding (Blaumeier 2021) will be presented.

  • This event is part of the 2nd Bremen KulturSommer Summarum 2021. Further information about the event and the advance booking can be found here ↗.

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