01.10.22 8 pm

Palliative Dinner

Conceived and Cooked by Harry Haddon
“Waiter! Waiter! There’s a fly in my soup!”
“Ah, considering the world today, I can relate with the little guy. We’re all in the soup as it were.”
What is a palliative dinner? Is it identifying the fly in one’s soup, or diving in to join it? As the final event of the finissage Harry Haddon will present a palliative dinner to consider this and more. He will provide a few puns (an amusing bouche), some thoughts about food at the end of the world (starter), why palliative eating is about joy (main course), and ask, what exactly are corpse cakes (dessert)? Besides that, it’s a chance to get together, break some bread, and celebrate the end of The Palliative Turn at Kuenstlerhaus Bremen together.
Location: Atelier X, opposite the gallery
Please register by Wednesday, 28 Sept, 12 noon at
Contribution towards expenses: 15 Euro

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