Veranstaltungen Performance
Veranstaltungen Performance

Performative action in public

It`s all about the river Vol. 2

Under the title IT`S ALL ABOUT THE RIVER, Sebastian Dannenberg artistically connects the institutions along the Kleine Weser. The project begins with an intervention in the gallery space of the Künstlerhaus Bremen. Sebastian Dannenberg takes the architecture of the space as the basis for a change that he introduces into the space in order to make its peculiarities visible. His artistic interventions are often characterized by a simple, precise, sculptural arrangement in the space, which is derived from painterly principles and questions and thus understands the specific location as a predetermined and yet open ground.

In the case of the project IT`S ALL ABOUT THE RIVER, the reference to the location is extended and transferred into public space through a temporary, performative action. After the end of the exhibition at the Künstlerhaus, Sebastian Dannenberg will draw a line along the banks of the Kleine Weser to the Städtische Galerie Bremen within one day. Once there, he will transfer the artistic considerations of this project into the specific architecture of the gallery space in August. He is essentially concerned with the space in between, the empty spaces, the question of the functions, paths and connections in space that arise at the three differently characterized locations of Bremen’s art institutions. The project proves to be a resistant art intervention: on the one hand in a figurative sense, as the project negotiates two institutions and their concrete connection to each other, and on the other hand in a literal sense, as the artist moves upstream against the current through the public space. In doing so, he creates a trail that inscribes itself between the Künstlerhaus and the Städtische Galerie Bremen.

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