Helsinki Artist Residency 2022: Anne Krönker

Bremen-based artist Anne Krönker spent three months in Helsinki as part of the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP). The artist (* 1984 in Osnabrück) studied fine art in Münster and Ghent and was a master student of the sculptor Henk Visch at the Münster Art Academy. She is an artistic assistant at the University of Kassel. In process-based installations, Krönker uncovers the potential of glass for spatial dynamics. She questions the significance of the medium of glass as a material, body and image in its use as film and cinema.

During her time in Finland, Anne Krönker researched scenographies of glass and light in public spaces. How does glass activate space? What if glass activates public space? Anne was inspired by the typography and architecture, as well as her encounters during the residency:

“The balance of trust, appreciation, letting go and openness that was brought to me as a person and to my work by the HIAP team, combined with the glass and architectural history of Finland that I researched […] triggered a volume as well as an intensity of thought and action processes in me on site that are extraordinary for the short period of time.” (Anne Krönker)