Michael Sievert


Théâtre Imaginaire
The Reflection Sculpture

The special, unique feature of this reflection sculpture is the interplay between multiple projections, the ingenious construction of the rotating sculpture and the dialogue with sound compositions by Michael Sievert.
A reflective kinetic sculpture processes projected information into a three-dimensional LIGHT SPACE. The stage set thus emerges from the depths of the black space.

The special shape of the sculpture, which rotates on a vertical axis (due to the arrangement of the reflective tubes) and the composed, changing light information (shapes, colours, signs, graphisms and structures on the slide image carrier) create diverse, rhythmically pulsating (dancing) bodies of light in the dark space, transporting the viewer into the world of the phenomenon of light and movement in space.
The result is a magical dance of light, a play of absolute signs, a rhythmic pulsation.
The image carriers (slides) are produced by hand at the light table especially for these productions without any photographic means.
Michael Sievert creates a sound composition for all performances, which acoustically supports and complements the light space on a musical level.
The first reflection sculptures were developed by Gustav Gisiger in the 1990s. This gave rise to the Théâtre Imaginaire: a theatre of movement, light, dance and sound - which relies on the audience’s imagination with its sensual, playful and visually diverse presentation.

  • CV
    • 1953

      Michael Sievert saxophonist and composer was born in Chemnitz/GDR

    • since 1987

      has been working in various European countries, Africa and the USA

    • 1983

      completed his studies in ethnic and contemporary music and composition at the Creative Music Foundation in Woodstock N.Y.

    • founding member of the international “Woodstock World Music Ensemble” and the Bremen-based new jazz trio “Freeport”.

    • In addition to numerous crossover productions with classical musicians for Radio Bremen, he devoted his compositional work in the electronic field in the 1990s primarily to the light and sound space developed by Gustav Gisiger ✝ entitled “Théâtre Imaginaire”.

  • Discographie
    • 2022

      Die Kunst des Übergangs, GEMA MusicHub

    • 2014

      Blue Road Ahead, Laika Rec.

    • 2014

      Third Stream - Works for Large Ensembles, GEMA MusicHub

    • 2014

      Journey To The Cave Of Not Forgotten Dreams, GEMA MusicHub

    • 1993

      Pulses, Dizzy Essentials

    • 1989

      L’affaire Flibustier, Dizzy Essentials

    • 1987

      Paintings, West-Wind rec.

    • 1983

      Alternating Current, View rec.

    • 1980

      Duanelessness, View rec.