31.10.18 7 pm

Reading by Timo Hinze: "Die flüssige Fabrik" ("The liquid factory")

As part of Alina Schmuch’s exhibition, the artist Timo Hinze will read from his artist’s book Die flüssige Fabrik (The Liquid Factory), which was published by Spector Books in Leipzig in 2014. In Die Flüssige Fabrik, Hinze explores the relationship between work and subjectivity: What binds a person to their work? What qualities does this bond possess? And what individually experienced burdens can result from this bond?

Timo Hinze ( 1985 in Hamburg) studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. He received his diploma in book art/graphic design with Oliver Klimpel in 2013 with Die flüssige Fabrik. In 2017, he completed his studies as a master student of Peter Piller with the exhibition Draft, which was shown at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig. In his work, Timo Hinze explores the demands placed on the contemporary subject - including within the new worlds of work.

The event is part of the exhibition The Inner Office by Alina Schmuch.

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