Alina Schmuch

The Inner Office


Exhibition view Alina Schmuch The Inner Office Künstlerhaus Bremen 2018. Photo: Franziska von den Driesch

With “The Inner Office” Alina Schmuch presents a new video work which explores the design of internal and external processes in new work environments. How do holistic approaches to work, which are centered around personal development and individuality, manifest themselves in architecture, language and design? With her subtle, distanced view, Schmuch films workspaces in headquarters of companies from the creative and high-tech industries, coworking spaces, as well as workshops and seminars on leadership, storytelling and the future of work. The artist shows visual, architectural and linguistic structures that embrace holistic thinking, spirituality, and concepts of empathy and mindfulness, which the globalized economy has appropriated from the cultural sphere and the countercultures of the 1960s and 70s. Schmuch’s work reflects the structures that serve to optimize work processes while the work itself becomes increasingly invisible. In the exhibition, the artist transfers new film footage from her extensive research in Germany, California and the Philippines together with photographic and architectural elements into a spatial installation.

Based on photography and its expansion in the medium of film, Alina Schmuch’s work investigates the interaction between image media and reality. What can we see through the camera’s eye, which otherwise remains hidden? The exhibition is the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition.

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