Gallery Guided Tour
07.11.18 7 pm
Gallery Guided Tour

Contemporaries - talks on contemporary art

Exhibition view of The Inner Office by Alina Schmuch, Künstlerhaus Bremen 2018.
photo: Alina Schmuch

In the exhibition The Inner Office by Alina Schmuch, Julia Bulk (Wilhelm Wagenfeld Foundation), Janneke de Vries (Weserburg - Museum für moderne Kunst) and Nadja Quante (Künstlerhaus Bremen) discuss the relationship between photography and video, documentation and observation, visual media and reality.

With The Inner Office Alina Schmuch presents a new video work which explores the design of internal and external processes in new work environments. How do holistic approaches to work, which are centered around personal development and individuality, manifest themselves in architecture, language and design? With her subtle, distanced view, Schmuch films workspaces in headquarters of companies from the creative and high-tech industries, coworking spaces, as well as workshops and seminars on leadership, storytelling and the future of work. Schmuch’s work reflects the structures that serve to optimize work processes while the work itself becomes increasingly invisible.

Zeitgenoss*innen - Gespräche zur aktuellen Kunst* (Contemporaries - Talks on contemporary art) is a series of talks in which the directors of Bremen’s art institutions meet in various constellations to discuss aspects of contemporary art in current exhibitions and approach them from their respective perspectives.

The event takes place as part of the exhibition The Inner Office by Alina Schmuch.

  • Exhibition tour with Julia Bulk (Wilhelm Wagenfeld Foundation), Janneke de Vries (Weserburg) and Nadja Quante (Künstlerhaus Bremen).

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