Helsinki Artist Residency 2020: Effrosyni Kontogeorgou

Impressions of the artist Effrosyni Kontogeorgou from her stay in Helsinki

Effrosyni Kontogeorgou lived and worked in Helsinki from early September to mid-November 2020. During her stay she gave us an interim report:

“During my three-month stay on Suomenlinna, I experience the unfolding of a new landscape on the island every month. My own sensory perception also changes. Without being cut off from Helsinki, the island remains an ideal retreat to concentrate on one’s own thoughts and research. On site I am searching for corals. In this curious relic-fortress architecture, surrounded by the sea, which merges with the landscape. A speculative and perhaps impossible search? My work plans change constantly. With my experiments I have taken many directions. The process of collecting, experimenting, getting lost and failing without being forced to achieve perfect results is very valuable.”