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23.10.19 7.30 pm
Support Programs Performance

Performance: Kleinhirnwurm

by Frédéric Ehlers & Peter Strickmann

On Wednesday, October 23 at 7:30 pm, Künstlerhaus Bremen invites you to a joint sound and movement performance by the two artists Frédéric Ehlers and Peter Strickmann as part of Peter Strickmann’s guest scholarship!
Since the end of September, this year’s Künstlerhaus Bremen guest artist Peter Strickmann has been working in the rooftop studio of the Künstlerhaus. Strickmann observes, questions and provokes the activity of listening in public and private environments. His installations, performances and actions are characterized by a simplicity of means and a philosophy of community. Listening - as a collective or highly individual activity - and sound production - as an unavoidable product of everyday life - form the cornerstones of his work.

For his final presentation, Strickmann has invited his artist friend Frédéric Ehlers to create a joint performance. Since 2010, the two artists have repeatedly collaborated and developed joint actions with dance, movement and performative sound acts, which they have realized in Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, Bamberg, Völklingen and Berlin. The actions were created in free improvisation under changing circumstances. In Bremen, they will present a performance that draws on the repertoire that they tried out in the days before in a joint process of open-ended experimentation and action. Costumes, objects, self-made instruments, voice and the found inventory of the house will be used.

  • Peter Strickmann

    studied Audiovisual Art (Prof. Christina Kubisch) and Public Art (Prof. Georg Winter) at the Saarbrücken Art Academy. He has presented exhibitions, performances and projects at venues as diverse as zeitraumexit Mannheim, Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, FFT Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, Titanik Galleria Turku, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Berlinische Galerie Berlin, Künstlerhaus Dortmund and the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. He plays solo and as a member of various free music, noise and performance groups, currently with Spemakh, Riffels, Pony and Reter and Planet Dance Ensemble. He also has an audio collection of sleep sounds, the so-called snoring archive.

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  • Frédéric Ehlers

    is a visual artist from Stuttgart who is intensively involved with various cultures of dance as well as with pathological and typical forms of movement in everyday life. He is interested in movements that are strange in the narrower sense - conspicuous, embarrassing, astonishing or simply incomprehensible. He founded the performance group Planet Dance Ensemble, performs as a solo performer in various art and music contexts and has appeared in music videos for bands such as Datashock, Hildergard von Binge Drinking, Schrein, Jerome Sydenham/Fatima Njai.
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  • Beforehand, on Wednesday at 6 pm, the artistic director and curator Nadja Quante will give a guided tour of the current exhibition in the gallery of the Künstlerhaus Bremen: Mutating Mary by Dafna Maimon.

    Admission to the performance and guided tour is free!

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