Reproductive Matters


Lucy Beech, Zuzanna Czebatul, Julia Lübbecke, Ana Navas, Daniel Poller

Lucy Beech, Reproductive Exile (still), 2018-2023
4K video, 30 min with stereo sound

Courtesy the artist Lucy Beech, De La Warr Pavilion, Tramway Glasgow and The Liverpool Biennial

Opening: Friday, 14.06., 7 pm
The group show Reproductive Matters takes the concept of reproduction as a starting point to reflect on its multiple meanings and their intersections through five artistic positions.
In her sculptures, Ana Navas explores the history of the creation and development of design and art objects based on ideas of accessibility, commodification, imitation and appropriation. In Zuzanna Czebatul’s tapestries the artist has reproduced excerpts from historical tapestries from images found in books or on the Internet. The excerpts refer to the hidden meanings of cultural symbols. Daniel Poller’s photographic practice reflects moments of historiography in public space with a particular focus on the reconstruction of historical buildings. In her installation Kleber und Falten (2023), Julia Lübbecke focuses on the material qualities of political archives. Do the archives reproduce the conditions they represent? Lucy Beech’s film explores the user experience of biomedical pharmaceuticals in the commercial surrogacy industry opening up themes of intimacy, multi-species pharmaceuticals and the redistribution of reproductive labour.
The selected works shed light on various aspects of reproduction – be it the relationship between original and copy with its implicit attributions of value, or the means of human and social reproduction.

Curated by Nadja Quante
The exhibition was developed in dialogue with Anna Voswinckel.

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