Guest Residency 2018: Linda Furker

Berlin-based artist Linda Furker has been chosen by the members of Künstler:innenhaus Bremen as the 2018 guest scholarship holder. As part of her scholarship, the artist will work at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen in September 2018 and show a joint project with artist Teresa Häußler on the occasion of the Open Studios (15 and 16 September 2018).

Under the title “Connecting Places”, the two artists are showing a graphic collection.

Graphics in postcard format on the specifics, narrative and phantasm of the local will arrive within 50 days. These will slowly pile up in the mailbox of the Künstlerhaus Bremen. The resulting collection will grow into a miniature archive of encounters and correspondence in public space. The selection and sequence of these portraits of the briefly familiar follows our respective travel routes and temporary living situations. As an alternative to the contemporary Instagram post, which documents a moment of self-staging, the focus is on the location with its aesthetic, structural, historical, bizarre and peripheral qualities.

The Künstler:innenhaus Bremen warmly welcomes the scholarship holder. ↗