Guest Residency 2022: Mona Pourebrahim

Berlin-based artist Mona Pourebrahim has been chosen by the members of Künstler:innenhaus Bremen as the 2022 guest scholarship holder. In September, Pourebrahim will begin her five-week residency in the guest studio of Künstler:innenhaus Bremen - the artist was nominated by Hassan Sheidaei.

In her work, Mona Pourebrahim (* 1985 in Tehran, Iran; lives and works in Berlin) deals with the appearance of landscapes and examines the relationship between nature and people. For Pourebrahim, this relationship is a field of research that she translates from her painting into photography: “As a painter, I have developed my own, quite peculiar world of color, image and space over the years. Light and shadow, texture and color have developed their own visual language in interaction with each other. I have taken this painterly potential, developed it further and developed the technique of ‘studio photography’ from it: The demands on the finished picture and the considerations during its creation are the same as for the paintings. It’s about composition and coloring. Only the way they are created and their final appearance on photographic paper distinguishes them from painted pictures.”

Mona Pourebrahim first studied painting in Münster under Prof. Cornelius Völker and from 2015 under Prof. Ralf Kerbach at the Dresden University of Fine Arts.

She is currently completing her master class with Kerbach. To date, Pourebrahim has held solo exhibitions at Galerie Döbele Mannheim, the Robert-Sterl-Haus in Switzerland and the Jean-Francoise Kaiser Gallery in Strasbourg, France, among others.She has participated in various group exhibitions both in Germany and internationally in Austria, Russia and Belgium.She has already received several awards and residencies.

The time in the guest studio offers the artist space for open work and experimentation.In addition, the guest scholarship holder will be supported on site in establishing contact with local artists and organizations.

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