Guest Residency 2023: Katie Ceekay

Congratulations to Katie Ceekay on her 2023 guest residency at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen. The artist, who was chosen by the members of Künstler:innenhaus, will begin her five-week residency and work residency in the association’s guest studio on August 25.

Katie Ceekay (* 1990 in Dublin, Ireland, lives and works in Groningen, Netherlands) seeks new ways of living democratically and subverting capitalist narratives with her practice. Ceekay uses her artistic mentality to encourage others to question constructed categories. Through participatory and artistic research, she aims to collaboratively create alternative systems and perspectives. This need for alternative forms on a social and political level is at the center of her practice, for which trust, security and the preservation of autonomy serve as central materials.

Katie Ceekay wants to approach her time at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen like a blank page in her practice and stop the wheel of projects. She wants to “find out what it means to develop an aesthetic based on taking the bad state of the world seriously and driving interventions through artistic practice.”

Katie Ceekay studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, at the Academie Minervain in the Netherlands, at the Bcademiein Rotterdam and at the CIT Crawford College of Art in Ireland (Post Graduate Diploma Creativity & Change). She graduated in 2022 with a Masters of Fine Art and Design: Interrelational Art Practices at the Frank Mohr Institute of Academie Minerva in Groningen.

Her recent projects include the artistic research project Cultures of Empathy (2022/23) in Leeuwarden, Women’s Group (2021-ongoing), weekly participatory group meetings for women and mothers in an asylum seekers’ house in Burgum/Friesland, and the film project and community framework program The Fraeltacht / The Missing Girl (2022) in collaboration with Joost Wierenga, Groningen, Netherlands and Connemara, Ireland.

The guest residency at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen has been awarded annually since 2008 and usually enables a four-week residency and work stay in the house’s guest studio. The funding is provided by the association and includes a cash grant as well as a smaller presentation that takes place in the context of the studio community. It is not possible to apply directly for the guest residency. The members select a guest scholarship holder on the basis of their own proposals at one of the general meetings. This year’s guest residency holder Katie Ceekay was nominated by Hassan Sheidaei.

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