Bremen Studio Grant 2024: Paule Potulski

Portrait von Paule Potulski. Photo: Ricardo Nunes

The Bremen Studio Grant, which the Senator for Culture is awarding for the eighth time, will go in 2024 to the artist Paule Potulski, born in 1991 in Bremen. The artist graduated in 2022 with a degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts in Bremen under Prof Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Prof Katrin von Maltzahn.

An external jury advising the Senator for Culture has recommended Paule Potulski as a grant holder for 2024. The jury is made up of members who are familiar with contemporary visual arts through their professional work. The rationale reads: “Paule Potulski often finds the material for her art in her immediate surroundings, be it dead wood in her own garden or clay from an exposed vein of clay on a building site on Werderinsel. […] With this, she creates surprising and haunting sculptures and installations that appear both archaic and poetic, but at the same time demonstrate conceptual clarity.”

Paule Potulski’s works are the result of many converging processes, which are often also shaped by the work of other people, beings and entities - she sees the materials she works with as actors in their own right. They have their own temporality and their own knowledge, which Potulski endeavors to clarify respectfully. She is particularly interested in the subtle nuances that determine the rhythm and form structures.

The team at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen is looking forward to the artist “moving in” to the grant studio these days. Paule Potulski will enrich the community and the working process with her way of working and her manner, says the Senator for Culture. A final presentation at the Galerie im Künstler:innenhaus in December 2024 will provide an insight into the grant holder’s work. The artist is already looking forward to it: “Let’s see where I’ll turn up in December, when it’s time to open the doors and share this journey with others.”