Guest Residency 2020: Eyal Dinar

We are delighted to welcome Eyal Dinar as a guest scholarship holder at Künstler:innenhaus Bremen in August/September 2020! Dinar was proposed by Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham).

The works of Eyal Dinar (* 1976 in Israel, lives in Düsseldorf) deal with questions of memory, identity and travel. Dinar uses photography, text, video and performance to tell his stories, fragmenting and reassembling their elements. For several years, the main theme of his work has been the ongoing exploration of his origins and his physical and metaphorical landscapes.

Dinar studied photography and digital media at Hadassah College in Jerusalem and participated in the ‘Homebase Residency’ in Berlin in 2012. His works and performances have been shown at Atelier für Photographie and Galerie Glass in Berlin, Indie Gallery and Zilumbaam Gallery in Tel Aviv, Lana Stanorelli Gallery in New York, BETONBOX in Düsseldorf and the Akko Theater Festival in Israel, among others.

His work has also been published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and in the magazines Monopol and Bauhaus. ↗